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Type: Stitched

Size: Xs

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Color: Pistachio

Details of Fabric:

  • Embroidered Shirt Front Center Panel (Lawn) – 1Pcs
  • Embroidered Front Right Panel (Lawn) – 1Pcs
  • Embroidered Front Left Panel (Lawn) – 1Pcs 
  • Embroidered Shirt Back (Lawn) – 0.8 Meters
  • Embroidered Sleeves (Lawn) – 2Pcs 
  • Embroidered Front Border 1 (Organza) – 0.8 Meters
  • Embroidered Front Border 2 (Organza) – 0.8 Meters 
  • Embroidered Back Border (Organza) – 0.8 Meters 
  • Embroidered Neckline Patti (Organza) – 1.25 Meters 
  • Printed Chiffon Dupatta – 2.5 Meters 
  • Trousers (Cambric) – 2.5 Meters 

Product Description:
There lies an ethereal charm in this pistachio-hued lawn ensemble, where every stitch tells a story of grace and sophistication. The canvas, awash in a soothing pistachio palette, becomes a captivating tableau adorned with intricate embroidery in delicate shades of pink and peach. But the true pièce de résistance lies in the thoughtful details: diagonally embroidered side panels, adding a dynamic flair to the ensemble, and a flowy printed dupatta that carries with it the essence of floral splendor. each border, meticulously crafted with precision, serves as a testament to the artisan's skill, adding an extra layer of allure to this already enchanting creation. This ensemble is not merely clothing; it's a work of art, a celebration of femininity, and a must-have addition to your wardrobe