With Eid just around the corner, the pressure to find the perfect designer dress is all pumped up. Nobody wants to dress up in copycat prints that bleed dye from excessive sweat, which is guaranteed in this heat. But what exactly is the criteria for selecting one or two Eid clothes from the vast majority? Because you are just a girl, after all, who wants to buy it all. 

The best hack to stay on track while shopping for Eid clothes is to create a checklist of what you want in your dream designer dress. This checklist should be pretty concise, excluding details like tassels, buttons, and clothing ornaments. 

We have mentioned below the five non-negotiables of this list to give you an idea of what it should be. Follow this list for a smooth Eid shopping spree. 

Top 5 Things to Look for in Eid Clothes

1. Fabric

You're lost if you don't know what fabric you’re looking for for your Eid clothes. UK’s summers are in full swing on Eid, so choose your fabric base wisely. In recent years, luxury lawns have made it to the frontline with exquisite designs. The lawn fabric featuring a fescue and browntop bent mixture is lightweight, cool, and suitable for summer. 

However, you can also choose heavier fabrics for your designer dress. Just make sure that you’re putting your comfort first. You can choose a combination of fabric bases for the three days of Eid. Our top recommendation for Eid clothes would definitely be Luxury Lawn. 

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2. Glam

Eid without glam is like cake without icing - bland! No matter how much of a minimalist you are, Eid calls for some amount of glitz and glam. So, choose your glam type beforehand and add it to the list. Now, glam here specifies the overall situation of your design. Skip the details and list down whether you want your designer dress to be thread embroidered, stud embroidered, or something else. 

Selecting your glam preference on a scale of one to five will help you immensely in staying on target. You can also simply go to the specific rack in the designer store and search for your required design or designer dress. 

You can find the best embroidered dresses by the best designers here.

3. Color Palette / Color Analysis 

Every South Asian woman wants to wear the most trendy color on Eid, but that shouldn’t be the case. The viral Korean color analysis has created more awareness about personalized color shades. Through color analysis, you can select a color palette that will complement your skin tone. 

Since not everyone can afford a color analysis session, the general warm-cool hack can also do the job. Therefore, make sure to research your color palette according to the season and mention the shades in your list for the best designer dress ever. 

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4. Silhouette 

The shape of your designer dress will decide whether the color, embroidery, and fabric will pop on you. Remember, silhouettes are also personalized elements, just like color palettes. This is why you should critically analyze your body shape and search for the preferred silhouette to fancy your natural curves. 

As a general observation, most Asian women, especially those with kids, have a pear-shaped body. A-line and X-line long dresses are perfect for pear-shaped bodies. Apple-shaped figures are second to pear-shaped, and empire-line dresses with loose-fit silhouettes are best for this body shape. 

You can find amazing A-line and X-line style dresses here. 

5. Designer Label

Now comes one of the most important parts: shortlisting the designer houses. This opinion is a bit controversial, though, but we recommend not visiting every brand as it’ll only add to your confusion. You can browse through the online collections of most designer houses and then shortlist a few that have what you’re looking for. 

Shortlisting the designer label can also help you maintain a budget. You will have the option of choosing designers that fall within your budget and avoid the temptation of overspending. As Eid clothes can be crazy expensive, this trick can be a lifesaver, especially for impulse buyers. 

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Shopping for Eid clothes is no piece of cake, regardless of how thrilling the experience is. The five-point checklist can elevate your shopping experience by a great deal. If you stick by it, there’s no way you’re getting distracted by other dresses that you had no business looking at in the first place. 

Also, keep in mind that you cannot find every requirement in one dress every time. You might have to compromise on one element, but have faith, and your Eid clothes will be as close to your expectations as possible. So buckle up and prep that list because shopping for a designer dress takes homework.