Glam has no limits, and if you believe so, too, you have to visit our Nureh PK collection. We kid you not; glam and glitz end here. Nureh PK doesn’t just create designer outfits; it creates emotions. While their everyday casual designer outfits are nice, our eyes are set on the dazzling formals. 

Each formal piece is a world of its own, with intricate embroidery that makes the designer outfits seem wedding heavy. The stitching looks so well-done, revealing the finesse of each article. We can rant about the color palettes and contrasts for hours, literally. Who is their creative director? 

We have picked three of our most favorite designs from their collection to offer you a sneak peek into the world of Nureh PK formals. So head below and get ready to swoon! 

Top 3 Glamorous Nureh Pk Designer Outfits 

1. Piercing Pink Saree

Sarees aren’t clothing; they are a vibe. Most Pakistani women look forward to wearing them at events, regardless of the struggle they have walking afterwards. Now, silk and banarsi sarees are good and all, but the charm of a net-embroidered saree is unmatchable. This is why this Anari designer outfit by Nureh PK is our absolute first pick. 

This design comes in another decent lehenga option, which suits the saree better. Back to it, every inch of the shocking pink net base is embellished with polyester thread and glitter embroidery. You’ll be thrilled to know that this piece is hand-embroidered, not machine-embroidered. The pallu features applique detailing and organza work with hand-made fabric petals. This saree has an embroidered net blouse layered with raw silk. The petticoat is also raw silk, making the saree comfortable to wear. 

This Anari saree is one of the best designer outfits of Nureh. It has depth and dimension, so try it out. 

2. Graceful Green Choli Dress

Ghararas and shararas are over-rated. However, a choli dress can last you more events because it is a dress. A-line frocks and dresses are a much safer option than highlighted bottoms as dresses don’t look like too much effort. This is why we have our eyes on this Nura fit by Nureh PK. There’s a lot going on with this dress, but it blends perfectly. 

The first thing that comes to mind when we look at this gorgeous choli dress is a peacock. Though light green, the front panel above the empire waist has a little peacock-inspired embroidery. This three-piece dress has an organza shirt, raw silk trousers, and an organza-silk dupatta. The closed round neckline and long sleeves look beautiful in this silhouette. Moreover, the dupatta has broad borders with bold golden thread embroidery, adding up to the dramatic effects. 

The Nura by Nureh is suitable for family mehendi events. Its modest look makes it more appealing. 

3. Opulent Opera Mauve Angarkha 

Whether it’s an engagement party or your own baat pakki, an angarkha rarely disappoints. This traditional wrap dress with an A-line silhouette is every girl’s dream. And when the color is opulent mauve, just this Rhim Jhim Nureh Pk fit, there’s no room for second thoughts. Of all designer outfits, this one is a sight to behold. It is soft, sweet, and stylish, too, three things most traditional Eastern garments don’t have. 

The star fabric of this dress is organza, which gives the dress volume. The classic V-neck design with wrap design is embellished with a silver embroidered patti. This silver brilliantly complements the opera mauve color. The rest of the embroidery on this outfit is also silver, though you can find traces of golden thread work. Its zari dupatta isn’t heavy and features patchwork and pallu borders. The bottoms are simple raw silk loose-fitted trousers, which are hidden anyway. 

The Rhim Jhim dress isn’t your regular angarkha; it is loaded with texture and beauty. Try this beauty before you deny it. 


Weddings are a huge deal here in the UK, so why resort to well-known brands when you have Nureh as a secret gem? You must have gotten the idea of Nureh’s artwork and design by now. Their designer outfits are some of the best in the country and deserve some serious hype. Moreover, their outfits are perfect for brides and quite affordable. So this wedding season, you know where to go when shopping for your gowns. Now head to their collection on our website and show some love by hitting the ‘Buy Now.’ Happy Shopping!